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We are here to meet your breastfeeding goals, whatever they might be.



Lactation or Infant Feeding Help:
♥ Offered in home or office
♥ Prenatal consultations
♥ Pre-adoption consultations
♥ Postpartum consultations
♥ Breast pump rentals
♥ Breast Pump consultations
Both private and group classes offered. Classes available:
Newborn Care
♥ Birth Choices
♥ Tools for Labor
Breastfeeding Benefits
Returning to Work
♥ Milk Expression

Professional Education



We offer staff training and education. Topics include prenatal lactation risk factors, postpartum risk factors, how to be a breastfeeding friendly office, sore nipples and breast pain, milk expression for doulas, feeding options for baby, and communication techniques.


I don’t know what I would do without you! Thank you doesn’t even come close to how appreciative I am of your help with breastfeeding. You are so compassionate, considerate, and knowledgeable -you are in the right career for sure! We love you!

H.M., mother of two

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