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Professional Education


We are here to help with any lactation or infant feeding education you might need. We offer customized classes and presentations for your staff. Continuing lactation education available for anyone who works with breastfeeding dyads including: physicians, doulas, nurses, lactation educators, and other healthcare professionals. Topics include, but not limited to:


Prenatal Lactation Risk Factors

A discussion of the health care provider's role in supporting breastfeeding mothers, advantages of breastfeeding, interpreting breastfeeding statistics for Asheville and North Carolina, and a review of factors that may impede mother's breastfeeding success.


Listening Between the Lines

Examine effective counseling skills for breastfeeding situations, acquire effective listening and nonverbal cues skills, validate a mother’s feelings, and practice clinical problem solving skills. Role play, group discussion of specified cases.


Postpartum Lactation Risk Factors

A discussion of the health care provider's role in supporting breastfeeding mothers, and investigate how birth practices and early breastfeeding management can affect mother's milk supply.


How to Be a Breastfeeding Friendly Office

An overview of how the health care provider can support breastfeeding the office setting, and offer appropriate patient education.


Preventing Obesity with Breastfeeding

Review current obesity rates, discuss how breastfeeding protects mother and child.


Sore Nipples and Breast Pains

How to identify infections, discuss current research on nipple and breast infection treatment guidelines.


How Breastfeeding Works

The science behind breastfeeding, how to breast makes milk, hormones of lactation.


Latching 101

Practical latch and positioning techniques demonstrated to help mothers.


Contraception During Breastfeeding

Current research on the contraceptive options for lactating women.

Milk Expression and Infant Feeding Options

Milk expression options for mother, how often milk needs to be removed, & choices on infant feeding: devices and food.


Dancing with Insurance Companies

Insurance billing for lactation providers, why billing for lactation support matters, current state of reimbursement, tools for billing with confidence, options for lactation reimbursement including incident to physician services billing, and the history of coding.


Steps to Becoming an In-Network Lactation Provider

How to set up your NPI, CAQH, and contract with insurance companies.

Lactation Coding 101

How to choose CPT and ICD-10 codes or reimbursement from insurance companies.


Conference and seminar sessions will be catered to meet the needs of the audience. Requests for personalized topics are welcomed. Length, travel distance, and number of attending professionals will determine the session fee. To inquire about availability, or for more information, email

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