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"My story is probably no different than yours. I have walked through the flames and come out the other side to be the light for you to cross through your healing journey, safely and without harm to your breastfeeding relationship".

With a profound commitment to the well-being of both mothers and babies, Kimberly Rush
has created an innovative online lactation detox program tailored to the unique needs of mothers who want to detox during lactation. This course is the first of its kind, addressing the crucial need for safe detoxification strategies for moms during the breastfeeding journey.

Kimberly endured the challenges to acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to provide healing and support for recovery from illness while detoxing during lactation. Her journey included enduring chronic mold poisoning and a range of other conditions linked to Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), all of which provided her with the essential knowledge and tools to empower you with the means for illness prevention and recovery.

Kimberly Rush is a catalyst for positive transformation, radiating resilience and guiding others toward well-being and enlightenment. Her unwavering optimism illuminates a way forward for those around her. She constantly blazes her own trail, driven by her passion to cultivate a new generation of healthy mothers and babies. Kimberly's commitment to nurturing goes beyond the ordinary, fostering not only the well-being of mothers but also the health and vitality of their families.

Kimberly Rush is a renowned healthcare coach, registered nurse, lactation expert, and holistic health care coach with a passion for promoting the holistic well-being of mothers during the lactation journey. Her background includes years in maternal-child health, holistic health in her personal and professional life, as well as mothering two girls into adulthood.
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Interesting things about Kim:

Kim was born breech in Charlotte, went skydiving for her 18th birthday, loves all kinds of music but Bob Marley is her favorite, and she used to live in Hawaii and loves all things Hawaiian, including Jason Momoa. She has two beautiful daughters and loves to help you shine.



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