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Classes are held in a casual, relaxed environment. Partners and grandparents are encouraged to attend.


All class are available as a group or private.
Breastfeeding 101
This introductory 2 hour class is designed to give expectant parents some tools to get breastfeeding off to a great start, for breastfeeding success. Appropriate for first-time and seasoned parents. Family support is so important, we strongly encourage partners, dad, grandmother or another support person to attend. Best taken between weeks 28-36.
Newborn Care
This 2 hour class covers newborn appearance and behavior, diapering & dressing, baby wearing, cord care, sleeping, bathing, feeding, soothing techniques, circumcision care, car seat safety, and when to call baby’s doctor.
Birth Choices
This 2 hour class helps you learn how to navigate the health care system and know what your childbirth options are and covers creating a birth plan. 
Tools for Labor
EMPOWER your birth with techniques for physical and emotional levels of comfort during labor in order to help facilitate a positive birthing experience. Birth support person is highly encouraged to attend this 2 hour class.
Breastfeeding Benefits
Come to this free 30 minute discussion and discover the many benefits of breastfeeding.
Express Yourself : Pumping for Returning to Work
This 2 hour class provides information on choosing a breast pump, how to maintain your milk supply, storing your milk at work and how to gain your employer’s support. A variety of breast pumps and supplies will be available. We recommend attending two weeks before returning back to work or school.
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