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Latch Clinics


In order to make consultations available for more moms, Kimberly Rush Mothering Support Service is now offering Latch Clinics. Kimberly Rush Mothering Support Service Latch Clinics offer professional breastfeeding support in a small group setting (3 moms maximum). This setting is ideal for troubleshooting basic latch issues, evaluating for tongue/lip tie, question and answer sessions, weight checks, follow-up after private consultations, etc.

Group consultations are a great low-cost option for addressing breastfeeding issues. The small group setting offers the added benefit of support from other moms who are also dealing with breastfeeding issues.


If we find that your situation requires more intensive one-on-one help, or you are dealing with multiple issues, then a private consultation may better suit your needs. Please email to reserve your 30 minute time slot.


Cost is $40 for a 30 minute session.

Payments can be made by cash or check ONLY, at the beginning of the session

No insurance is accepted, no receipts given.


If you would like to register for an upcoming latch clinic, fill out the intake form here


Currently there are no latch clinics scheduled. Please check back at a later date.



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