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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does it come out?

When you shed your human hair, your Fairy Hair will come out with it.

I’m about to get my hair done. Should I wait?

No need. You can do everything you normally do with your hair. You can get a hair cut with it, or color your hair, etc.

Does it work in curly hair?

We got you. Fairy Hair can be applied to curly hair. Our Fairy Hair is designed to mimic your human hair and will take the shape of your hair. Please visit for photos as evidence.

What about dread-locks or braids?

Fairy Hair can be applied to dreads and braids

I have hair extensions, will this work in my hair?

Yes, Fairy Hair can be applied to hair extensions.

Can I get it if I have short hair?

Yes. Fairy Hair can be applied works in short hair, too. Your hair just needs to be 2-3 inches in length for your Fairy to work her magic.

Can I put them in at home?

No. We use a proprietary product that can’t be bought on the internet and we don’t resell. We use a Fairy Hair Fusion technique that only our Fairy is magical enough to apply to your hair.

Does it hurt to have them attached?

No. They are feather light and only takes minutes for us to work our magic.

Have I seen this before?

This is my Family business, we use a very high quality, proprietary product and technique that is ours exclusively. We use a proprietary product that can’t be bought on the internet or salons, it can only be found with us, and we don’t resell. Our Fairy Hair is NOT cheap hair tinsel that falls out immediately or worse, can melt your hair or skin if heat is applied. As we have gained popularity, many have tried to imitate us and ALL have failed. Some have caused tragic irreparable damage to their locks. The magic to our success is in our magical product that has been blessed and cultivated by actual fairies. We are unfortunately not able to do what we do in a salon.

How is it attached? Or how does it work?

We fuze our Fairy Hair to one single strand of your human hair. It is not glued, crimped or clamped in. It is a magical Fairy Hair Fusion technique that only our Fairy is magical enough to apply to your hair.

What about guys? Can they get Fairy Hair, too?

We offer stud sparkles. Fairy Hair is not just for ladies. Guys deserve to sparkle too. We offer beards and mustaches too, just as long as the hair to be sparkled is long enough for us to work our Fairy Magic in. We need about 3 inches to work with.

Where can I get my Fairy Hair? 

Our public event calendar is posted at

Can I curl or straighten my hair?

Yes! Our Fairy Hair can withstand up to 450 degrees of heat without causing any damage to your hair.

Can my child or children get it?

Yes, however we want to be fully transparent that children do not retain our fairy strands like adults do because their hair is thin and their hair follicles are still so immature. They shed much more quickly than grown ups do. Your Fairy will advise you accordingly based on the age of your child and their hair type at your appointment.

How long does it last?

It lasts until that strand falls out. Whenever you shed that hair, your Fairy Hair will fly out with it. Average retention time is several months.

It can last months or a day...when you lose that hair, who can say? 

    (most of our clients enjoy the fairy hair for weeks to months, and you may meet people who say they hold it longer than that)! 

★ Clients have told us that a few fall out right away (in a day or 2) so we ALWAYS give a few extras for free because we know this can happen. The first few that fall out are on us!  

What can I do to help it last?

You can do everything you normally do to your hair. If you do anything that is hard on your hair or pulls on it.

What kind of parties or events do you do?

We are available for any and all kids of parties, events, and celebrations. Not limited to: birthday parties, sip & sparkle parties, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, blessingways, corporate events & staff appreciation, private appointments, conferences, in-store event, women's Parties, holiday parties, athletic events, bat mitzvahs, quinceaneras, bachelorette parties, etc.  Fairy Hair is fun anywhere!

How much is a party or event?

Please reach out to us so we can get some information from you in order to give you the cost based on where you live.

What payment forms do you accept?

Cash is the preferred payment. But we also accept credit cards and PayPal payments.

How long have you been doing this?

Since 2010. Our Fairy Goddess Mother, creator and purveyor of our Magical Fairy Hair worked with the fairies to create this magical hair for you to wear.

How do I come to my appointment hair ready?

With hair that is brushed of loose or weak strands and tangles, clean if possible, DRY, and WITHOUT hairspray or product is best for your Fairy to work her magic.

How long does it take to apply the Fairy Hair?

About 10-15 minutes, but can vary based on the number of strands you purchase. Your Fairy can give you that information when you are ready to schedule your appointment, or it can be found on the event sign up.

Do you come to my town?

We love to travel. If you don't see an event in your location, please reach out to us. We may be able to schedule something.

What can I do with my hair while my Fairy Hair is in?

You can wash it, brush it, comb it, curl it, flat iron, (up to 500°!), color it, bleach it, straighten it, perm it, blow it dry, get your haircut, etc. 
Do whatever you normally do to your hair -but most of all-, ENJOY it!

How much does it cost?

 Fairy Hair starts at $3 per strand. For full price list, please contact Fairy Kim at

What colors do you have? What color would look good in my hair?

We have all the colors of the rainbow (AND Rainbow)! We love to help you find EXACTLY the perfect color to reflect your *SHINE*!

Why do you do this?

We believe in bringing our Fairy Hair Magic to everyone. We love to help you feel better and ✨ shine ✨ brighter! Our Fairy Hair will change your life for the better. It will bring a smile to your face every time you look in the mirror and you will receive the biggest compliments from your friends and family.

Finklepott's original fairy hair, finklepott's fairy hair, finklepott's

★Fairy Hair ★

Our fairies are free range, cage free, gluten-free , BPA free and free of GMO's.

We support our faerie community by offering them fair wages, medical, dental and eye care, extended maternal leave, as well as a retirement plan and 401k. 

We really DO care about supporting our local faerie community!

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