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Our Story

Finklepott's Original Fairy Hair, is the finest quality Genuine Fairy Hair, which we fuze to one strand of hair. It will last until that strand of hair falls out. It can last months or a day...when you lose that hair, who can say. You can wash it, brush it, comb it, curl it, color it, straighten it blow it dry, get a haircut with it in. Do whatever you normally do to your hair but most of all, ENJOY IT!


Finklepott Fairy Kim was born in Charlotte, so she is a Carolina native, coming back to her roots. She has two beautiful daughters and loves to help you shine with Finklepott's Original Fairy Hair.

For a list of all the Official Finklepott Fairies, please visit: is dedicated to bringing joy to your life with Finkelpott's Original Fairy Hair.

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